My journey started when I stopped writing down Anthony R. Park and telling people my middle name was Richard. It was when I could boldly and confidently say, “My full name? Yea, it’s Anthony Rich Park. For the longest time, there was a doubt and self-consciousness that would grip me, constantly telling me that I didn’t have the right to have that middle name. It seems trivial now, but calling myself something I didn’t feel I exemplified was a huge struggle for me.

Voices in my head would ask me, “Aren’t you embarrassed to say that when you’re not even rich?” “Will you ever even be rich?” They would convince me others were thinking, “He’s a dreamer.” “Who does he think he is.”

For the longest time, rich had only meant one thing to me, money. And so for someone who was so far from that circle of society, I felt like a hypocrite. But then it dawned on me during my three months in Nepal that I had misunderstood the meaning of the word “rich.”

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Being rich isn’t found by calculating the value of the things I owned, but the experiences I had and the person I sought to become. Being rich wasn’t determined by my reality but the pursuit of my mindset. It was defined by what I did and did not do. It was determined by the risks that I took, the stereotypes that I broke, and the potential of my life reflected by the commitments I kept and the relationships I sustained.

Having a rich and fulfilling life started with me believing I could because when success and money were taken out of the picture, my passions started to have the final say. That’s what led me to do my first solo backpacking trip in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. That’s what allowed me to share my heart with the world through my first blog Writingfortomorrow.

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After that, it only made sense to finally take that leap and move to the city of my dreams, New York city. And it didn’t stop there. I fed off the ambition in the air, I fought back against the fear of being vulnerable, and jumped on the chance of becoming an entrepreneur. It was the mix of loving to travel, the thrill of the credit card points game, and the opportunity to help others make money that birthed ThePointsMarket.com.

It’s crazy how a small urge to put myself out there, an itch to see the world, and a few words of encouragement could have brought me this far. Life isn’t one long monotonous story but an amazing and rich journey story formed by a million moments. So get out there and start creating your world, one journey at a time.