If I were to ask you to name the one thing you’re most familiar with what would you say?

It’s something you look at everyday and will for the rest of your life. You scrutinize it and analyze every inch of it. You know every blemish and every flaw. You make adjustments to it in your mind, buy things to preserve it or even enhance it, and use it as a landmark for home. You can guarantee you know it better than anyone else and it’s your greatest possession whether you want it or not.

But no matter how much we spend on it or no matter how much attention we give it, we will never know exactly how it’ll turn out. You might stress over it, dream about some kind of change, or convince yourself of an alternate reality, but in the end you won’t know what your face will look like twenty years down the road.

And just because you’re unsure of what the elements might do to it, does that mean you’ll hide from the sun? Does that mean your skin will never feel the wind or taste the saltiness of the ocean? Will you ever risk sweating beads of hard work? Will you allow yourself to feel wrinkles of uncontrollable laughter?

Take an hour, take twenty four to pore over your face. Memorize every bump, every hue of color, and every nuance of your face and that wont put you any closer to knowing what’ll look like tomorrow.

In the same way we can’t predict how our very own face will look like one day out or how healthy our bodies will be five years down the road, we can never know where the current of life will have taken us. The great thing is we’re not supposed to know.

The consequence of placing independence on a pedestal, of being a generation of go-getters, and ushering in a movement of Do it yourself projects, we’ve place the responsibility of tomorrow on the shoulders of our conscience.

The effects might manifest as cataclysmic implosions, depression, and giving up on life, or they take a more gradual debilitating route of crippling our morale, making us feel lost, and stripping us of our passion. Whatever tactic its operating in your life, it’s up to you to address it and to accept that it’s there and it’s not welcome.

You were never meant to know the outcome of tomorrow except when it has become yesterday. Even then, it takes time to fully process and understand it.

If you’re constantly in a mode of fear and response, you’ll never be able to capitalize on the opportunities in front or see the answers ahead. Instead of a people always trying to find the solution, we must strive to become a people of wonder.

The beauty of wonder is that there is neither a start nor a finish. You simply are in a place of hunger and curiosity, your existence a mere brushstroke in the portrait of eternity. Humility propels you and discovery encourages you. The timeline of humanity doesn’t apply to you and the spontaneity of life doesn’t paralyze you or direct you.

Wisdom is not knowing or even the tension of finding. Wisdom is satisfaction in not knowing things that are meant to be hidden from man. However, it is the simple pursuit of greatness that may never be defined.

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